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The Blurred Nerds Podcast

The GeekVengers present: The Blurred Nerd Podcast.

Join the GeekFather & Lil' Bit as they discuss current and nostalgic happenings in nerd culture

Feb 25, 2017

This week we jump around some of the latest rumors in nerdery, catch up on TV and more:

  • Last Jedi plot rumors
  • Time Travel shows
  • Agents of Shield
  • Lethal Weapon (the TV show)
  • Doctor Who casting betting odds
  • The Geekfather's work adventure
  • and more

Feb 18, 2017

This week's show covers our thoughts on:

  • Legion
  • Outcast
  • Powerless
  • Batman rumors
  • John Wick 2
  • Split
  • and other general nerd news tidbits

Feb 11, 2017

This week we jump all over the place with chatter about:

  • Lil' Bit's thoughts on Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
  • The Cure for Wellness
  • Star Wars prequel novel news
  • Per Capaldi leaving Doctor Who
  • Dune director announcement: Denis Villeneuve
  • The Geekfather freaks out over Bleeding Cool's article covering the script of...

Feb 4, 2017

The GeekFather returns!  We're also joined byCOurtney for the beginning of the show, as we give our PAX South review along with...

  • The Geekfather walks us through his hospital stay
  • The Expanse season 2 premiere
  • Elite Dangerous
  • and more

Feb 3, 2017

Lil' Bit is joined by Adam and her brother Andrew for a late night prePAX chat the night before everything kicked off.


intro/outro: Video...