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The Blurred Nerds Podcast

The GeekVengers present: The Blurred Nerd Podcast.

Join the GeekFather & Lil' Bit as they discuss current and nostalgic happenings in nerd culture

Jun 21, 2021

In episode 234, we celebrate some of the newly announced celebrities receiving their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Marvel continues the good work with a stellar beginning to Loki and positive early reviews of Black Widow.

DC puts their foot in the sand on what heroes do and do not do.

And what would a story...

Jun 6, 2021

We need a break from constant cliffhangers - daring a network or streamer to renew a show seems to be backfiring lately.  Or we're just straight up having the resolution spoiled before a new season begins.

Jupiter's Legacy gets the axe but Millarworld will continue at Netflix.  The second half of season 5 for Lucifer...