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The Blurred Nerds Podcast

The GeekVengers present: The Blurred Nerd Podcast.

Join the GeekFather & Lil' Bit as they discuss current and nostalgic happenings in nerd culture

Feb 19, 2022

In the first half of the show:

Hulu announced that is bringing back Futurama, but for right now - it will be without John DiMaggio as Bender. We discuss some of the current issues surrounding voice actors today and how leaving out John might affect Futurama.

Also, how bout that Peacemaker finale?

In the second...

Feb 5, 2022

Geek Adulting:

What's that? Adulting as a geek can take many forms, what does yours look like?

We chat about what know and what we don't as middle aged geeks trying to make our way through the grown up world.

Nerd News Tidbits:

Some renewals, so show recommendations of what's in our current queues.

All that and much...