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The Blurred Nerds Podcast

The GeekVengers present: The Blurred Nerd Podcast.

Join the GeekFather & Lil' Bit as they discuss current and nostalgic happenings in nerd culture

May 29, 2022

We're pleased to be joined by professional costume designer and wardrobe stylist, Laura Evans.  Working in the industry since 2011, Laura walks us a bit through her experiences in commercials, feature & short films and live performances as well as a visit to the 2022 Academy Awards.

Laura also chats with us about some...

May 15, 2022

Up first this episode:

This past week saw the annual culling of TV shows commence. The network carnage seemed to take a larger toll this time however due to a mixture of pandemic related filming & cost issues as well as a continuing change in the way advertisers spend their dollars and companies increasingly create...

May 1, 2022

This week we kick things off discussing the latest in streaming & linear TV news.

Netflix suffers losses and spreads their disappointment around with cancellations and layoffs.

Cancellations also hit the DC TV universe.


In the second half, we discuss one of HBO Max's latest series, Winning Time, as well as some of the...